Towards a Quaker View of Sex

Letter James to Rosenberg, 24 Feb 1961


Joyce James penned an immediate reply to Rosenberg's letter with suggested text on Female Homosexuality.


Keith Wedmore Papers


29 Southdown Road

Dear Lotte,

Many thanks for your letter--it came by the 2nd post (12:30pm) and I have to be out all the rest of today. So I can only send a hasty and unconsidered reply. I think your notes would be very useful, can't at the moment, make any constructive suggestions, except that I am sure we should recognise that a good many females homos. do not know they are and we ought to be very careful what we way, and how. Do get the group to talk about this--I'm more than ever sorry not to come.

Am keeping the copy of script you sent so as to go over it more thoroughly. I see it's a carbon so you will have another.

Many thanks--excuse haste; the dinner demands attention!