Towards a Quaker View of Sex

Letters requesting Rowntree Grant, 21 February 1961


Wedmore, as treasurer of the committee, sent a request to the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust asking for renewal of their grant of £100. The letter outlined the group's financial procedures, listed its accomplishments and intentions, as well as praised the diligence of the members.


Keith Wedmore Papers


21 February 1961

Dear Eric Cleaver,

The Quaker Group on Homosexuality etc.

I write to you again at the request of the Committee, and as its Treasurer, to ask if your trustees can again see their way to a grant this year: the same amount as last year, viz L100, would it is thought cover the coming year's expenses. I have mentioned the arrangements made last year about payment via the FTU to this years FTU Secretary, Reginald Smith, and he will be happy to acquiesce in a repetition of the same arrangement.

There is some L20 or so remaining of the L100, and I thought I would make application before we ran right out in the hope of getting a further cheque before we do. The money has been spent on (a) travel expenses etc of members of the group, although they bear the first 10/- of their expenses on any one Sunday; (b) stationery, stamp & duplicating expenses of the Committee's Chairman and Secretary; (c) the travel expenses of a Conference called at Hampstead M.H. last June. The Committee has met a roughly monthly intervals for the whole of a Sunday.

During the year, apart from the conference, our work has been to prepare a Pamphlet (which I suspect will be nearer a book in length) on the subject of our concern for the FSC. Some 2/3rds of it is done.

During the coming year we hope to finish and publish this. There are only one or two more major revisions to do and perhaps summer will see it published.

Our members are (Anna Bidder being in the South Pacific somewhere) Duncan Fairn, Lotte Rosenberg, Secretary, Alfred Torrie, Alastair Heron, Richard Fox, Kenneth Barnes, Kenneth Nicholson, Mervyn Parry, Joyce James and myself; I might add that attendance at this committee (unlike al lt he other committees I have every sat on) is usually 100%, although journeys from Liverpool and Yorkshire are involved, which I think apply demonstrates that we feel our concern to be a continuing and a real one. We welcomed back Alfred Torrie at our last meeting and were most gratified that he was able to come after his recent illness.

Yours sincerely,
Keith Wedmore

Eric Cleaver
The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trusts
Beverley House
Shipton Road
22 February 1961

Keith Wedmore,
The Quaker Group on Homosexuality, etc.
Sheerwater Avenue,
West Byfleet,

Dear Keith Wedmore,
I thank you for your letter of the 21st February enquiring about the possibility of a further grant from this Trust towards the expenses of your Committee. Eric Cleaver will be back in the office in a few days following his visit to Kenya, and in the meantime I am writing to acknowledge your request and to say that this should be considered by the Trustees at their next meeting in about 3 weeks time.

Yours sincerely,
Trevor B. Jepson
Acting Secretary