Towards a Quaker View of Sex

Payment of 1961 Rowntree Grant


The 1961 Rowntree Grant was sent to the Friends Temperance & Moral Welfare Union as the fiscal agent for the Committee. This correspondence traces the path of this payment.


Keith Wedmore Papers


8th May, 1961
Mary Holden
Friends Temperance & Moral Welfare Union
Friends House,
Euston Road,
London N.W.1

Dear Mary Holden

Quaker Study Group on Homosexuality
Friends Temperance & Moral Welfare Union

You will remember that about a year ago you kindly undertook to receive a grant of £100 from my Trustees for transmission to the above study group of which the treasurer is Keith Wedmore.

The Trust has undertaken to make a second grant of the same sum, which is appears, they will be glad to have at any day now.

On the assumption that the same method of transmission is acceptable to you, I am enclosing a suitable cheque for the sum of £100 which I should be grateful if you would pass through your books and then on to them.

With kindly greetings and again many thanks.

Yours sincerely,
Eric Cleaver


14 May 1961

Dear Reginald Smith

Quaker Group on Homosexuality and other Problems of Sex

I write as Treasurer of the above. You will remember that I asked you some six months ago whether in the event of our again being successful in getting a grant from the Rowntree Trust it could again be forwarded through you. We were, and on the 8th May I see Eric Cleaver wrote to Mary Holden with a £100 cheque. It may have been sent on to her personally in view of the length of time since she was Secretary; meanwhile the group is overdrawn and the money is needed urgently. Could you possible track that cheque down?

Yours sincerely,
[Keith Wedmore]


Friends Temperance and Moral Welfare Union
Friends House
Euston Road,
London, N.W. 1

23rd May 1961.

Keith Wedmore,
Sheerwater Avenue,
West Byfleet, Surrey.

Dear Keith,

Herewith I send our cheque for £100, to pass on to you the grant we have received from the Rowntree Trust on behalf of the group studying homosexuality and other problems of sex.

It took a little time to get the formalities attended to, and then I was caught in the throes of Yearly Meeting.

I get inquiries from time to time about the further progress of your group. If you had anything to tell us of its activities, the Committee of the Union would be interested to know of it. Apart from our function as an intermediary for the grant, the subject is obviously close to our field.

Kind regards,
Reg. A. Smith

answered 2 July 61