Towards a Quaker View of Sex

Meeting Minutes, 29 January 1961


Group begins discussion of draft-outlines submitted by members Wedmore, Fox and Barnes.


Keith Wedmore Papers


The Quaker Group on Homosexuality and other Problems of Sex
Chairman: Duncan Fairn
Secretary: Lottie Rosenberg, 16 Beck Street, St. Cross, Winchester, Hants.

Meeting held 29th January 1961 at the University Women's Club, London W.1.

Members present:
Kenneth Barnes
Kenneth Nicholson
Mervyn Parry
Alastair Heron
Joyce James
Keith Wedmore
Richard Fox
Duncan Fairn
Alfred Torrie
Lotte Rosenberg

Absent: Anna Bidder, but we were specially glad to have Alfred Torrie back again and

to receive his counsel.

1. The minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted.

2. Duncan Fairn read a letter sent to George Gorman by a friend, containing comments

on Keith Wedmore's draft-outline. Keith will consider these comments and they will be

discussed at a later meeting.

3. The remaining part of the meeting was taken up with discussion and amendment of

the draft-outline submitted by Richard Fox. This comprised:-- Part V. PErversions,

and Part VI. Origins of Sexual Behaviour.

4. The draft-outline prepared by Kenneth Barnes on Heterosexuality has been sent to

members. Kenneth Barnes would welcome comments on this draft--outline as soon as


5. The dates of the next meetings are as follows:--
Sunday 26th February 10:30 a.m.
Sunday 23rd April 10:30 a.m
Friday 19th May 12:30 p.m.