Towards a Quaker View of Sex

Meeting Minutes, 23 April 1961


The group learns of renewal of grant, hears correspondence received from other Friends and discusses sections written by Rosenberg and Wedmore.


Keith Wedmore Papers


Quaker Group on Homosexuality and Other Problems of Sex

Minutes of Meeting held April 23rd at the University Women's Club, London W.1.

Diuncan Fairn
Kenneth Barnes
Alastair Heron
Alfred Torrie
Keith Wedmore
Joyce James
Lotte Rosenberg

Apologies for Absence:
Kenneth Nicholson
Richard Fox
Mervyn Parry

1. Keith Wedmore reported on his correspondence with the Joseph Rountree Trust. We

have agreed with Keith Wedmore's reply to the Joseph Rountree Trust, and note with

pleasure the receipt of a grant for a further year.

2. Keith Wedmore reported on this receipt of a letter from Elizabeth and Arthur

Darlington. These Friends have expressed their appreciation of the Group's work and

emphasised the need for further work among Young Friends. The letter will be

circulated among members of the Group.

3. Keith Wedmore reported on the receipt of a letter from George Gorman's friend

whose comments we had discussed at previous meeting. Comments he made will be read in

the course of our further discussion of the draft.

4. The sections of the draft on Female Homosexuality, prepared by Lotte Rosenberg,

and on Homosexuality, prepared by Keith Wedmore, were discussed and further amended.

5. The date of the next meeting:--Friday, 19th May, 12:30 p.m., at the University

Women's Club, W.1.

Possible dates for the following meeting:
June 25th (A.H. would not be able to come)
and July 2nd (KN would not come but might manage the earlier date.