Towards a Quaker View of Sex

Meeting Minutes, 10 December 1961


Minutes reported a shift in perspectives within the group on relationships and sexual morality from the Meeting for Worship. Group asked Kenneth Barnes to work these changes into the Introduction. A full weekend meeting in spring 1962 was proposed.


Keith Wedmore Papers


The Quaker Group on Homosexuality and Other Problems of Sex
Minutes of a Meeting held on December 10th, 1961, at the University Women's Club, W.1.

Present: Anna Bidder
Alfred Torrie
Joyce James
Kenneth Barnes (acting chairman)
Mervyn Parry
Richard Fox
Lotte Rosenberg

Apologies for Absense:
Duncan Fairn
Kenneth Nicholson

1. During the Meeting for Worship we felt the need to re-examine our thinking on sex morality, on commitment in personal relationships and commitment to God.

2. The trend of thought that began during the Meeting for Worship was coninued during the morning session.

3. The section on "Towards a Quaker View of Sex" was discussed and amended.

4. We asked Kenneth Barnes to work the thought of our morning's discussion, together with the latter part of this section, into a draft that should form part of the introduction (2,c and d of the Table of Contents.)

5. We felt that the later stages of work on the drafts could be done better if we had a week-end together. Possible dates suggested were: 24th-25th March, 31st March-1st April, 28th-29th April, 4th-5th May. Places suggested were: Jordans, Blue Idol, London University Hostel, Saffron Walden School. Lotte Rosenberg was asked to inform the absent members, asking for their possible dates, and to write to Jordans and Blue Idol.

6. We thought it would be useful to have some knowledge of Harold Loukes' forthcoming book. We asked Kenneth Barnes to contact Harold Loukes with a view to obtaining the loan of a manuscript.

7 The date of the next Meeting is the 28th January, 1962.

Proposed agenda for that Meeting:-
Section on masturbation, prepared by Alfred Torrie and Richard Fox.
Section on part of introduction, prepared by Kenneth Barnes.