Towards a Quaker View of Sex

Nicholson & Gorman letters February 1963


Kenneth Nicholson wrote to George Gorman that the final stage of publication seemed hurried and Gorman replied..


HSC Quaker Group on Homosexuality records, Friends House, London.


Friends' School, Saffron Walden


Dear George:

With reference to the document "Towards a Quaker View of Sex." I received it. I did some work on it. Suddenly I realised that time had gone even faster than I thought and that my comments would surely be too late to be any use. I believe it is being published this week. I hope it is all right. After very slow progress the last stages seem to have been rushed and I hope the document won't suffer as a result. I must say it reads well on the whole. Anyway I won't at this stage trouble you with a few comments which might arrive too late to be of any use to anyone.

All best wishes. What do you think of it?


4th February, 1963

Kenneth Nicholson,
Friends' School,
Saffron Walden, Essex.

Dear Kenneth,

Many thanks for your letter. I agree with you that the last stages of "Towards a Quaker View of Sex" have proceeded with great speed, but this was necessary because of the Meeting Point Programme the B.C. hope to do on the February 17th. In fact I had asked for the final text to be in my hands by the middle of November and I got it in the middle of January. The printer has done a wonderful job in getting the type sete, and in fact I have already had Alastair's corrections this morning. Like you, I think that it reads well and I think the group has done extremely well. What (a) Friends will think of it, and (b) the general public will think of it--not to mention the Sunday Pictorial!--heaven only knows! If, as a result of censure, I get the sack, I shall look to Saffron Walden for a job as classroom cleaner!

With warmest greetings to you both,
Yours ever,
George H. Gorman