Towards a Quaker View of Sex

Recollection of Mervyn Parry


Jane Wheatley recorded her memories of Mervyn Parry and his wife Dorothy.


Jane Wheatley of Jesus Lane Meeting, Cambridge


Recollection of Mervyn Parry from Jane Wheatley, Jesus Lane Meeting, Cambridge:

"Mum knew both Mervyn and Dorothy in their youth when they lived in Birmingham. Mervyn taught the piano and Dorothy taught shorthand and typing and they both taught from home, rushing out for a quick kiss and cuddle between students! Dorothy was completely deaf, lip read so well no one realised unless they tried to talk to her without looking at her and founded CAMTAD. Mervyn taught at Impington Village College--learning disabled children and was skilled at Calligraphy, doing all the Quaker Wedding certificates for Cambridgeshire Friends, mine was the last certificate he did as Parkinson's Disease took over and prevented him from continuing. He humbly asked me if it he could do it as his accuracy was no longer perfect, what a wonderful present, of course I said yes! A lovely, lovely man with a wicked sense of humour. He smoked a pipe and used to make us children little dogs made out of pipe cleaners."

20 June 2014