Towards a Quaker View of Sex

Monica Furlong in Daily Mail 18 Feb 1963


Prominent religious journalist Monica Furlong wrote a positive view of Bidder & Barnes' appearance on Meeting Point in the Daily Mail, 18 February 1963.


clipping in the Personal Papers of Anna Bidder, Lucy Cavendish College Archive


Daily Mail 18 February 1963

A lesson in love on Sex Sunday

by Monica Furlong

Yesterday seemed to be Sex Sunday, what with the Archbishop of Canterbury writing in the subject in a Sunday newspaper. and the Quakers discussing their new report on sexual morality with Paul Ferris in Meeting Point.

This seems a good moment to say how vastly improved Meeting Point has recently become--yet another feather in the B.B.C. cap--discussing people's relationships to one another with great sensitivity and intelligence; not always coming down on the side of orthodox Christianity, but always coming down on the side of love.

Last night was no exception. Kenneth Barnes and Dr. Anna Bidder had all the courage and transparent goodness we have learned to expect from the Society of Friends.

No doubt they will be attacked for undermining traditional standards of morality.

My guess is, however, that the charity and wisdom with which they discussed human triangles and marital fidelity, pre-marital affairs and the situation of the homosexual, must have been a lesson in love to many who would neither understand or obey the conventional Christian ethic.