Towards a Quaker View of Sex

Excerpts in Dialogue journal Jan 1964


The journal Dialogue, published by Cornell United Religious Work, published significant excerpts from the study in its January 1964 issue. These excepts focused on sexual practice and morality; homosexuality largely ignored,


HSC Quaker Group on Homosexuality records, Friends House, London


January, 1964

Sex is an explosive subject whenever it is discussed. It is particularly explosive for college students. This report attempts to analyze sexual morality objectively and understandingly. Whiel many think about sex, rarely do they individually attempt to analyze it in moral terms. There is a morality to human actions and we must attempt to discover what it is for sex. To stimulate this search, we reprint this report which will challenge the beliefs of many. We want to change; we do want thought. But, be careful of rationalization. Sex is a psychological drive so strong as to easily lead to self-deception, which either rejects it or succumbs to it. Anyone who will use this article as an excuse for sexual license is a fool who ignores an opportunity to attempt to realistically come to terms with himself and perverts the search for insight and understanding into a tool of his own whim. The Editors

These exerpts are taken from a report published by the British Society of Friends which represented solely the views of the individual members of The Friends who prepared this statement.

[This article contains lengthy excerpts from Towards a Quaker View of Sex.]

January, 1964 Vol. Iv., No. 1
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