Towards a Quaker View of Sex

Rowntree Trust letter


The Joseph Rowntree Trust, which provided funding for the TQVOS group, sent a letter to Wedmore that expressed appreciation for copies of the booklet that were given to all of the Trustees and noted their positive response. The Trust expressed interest in supporting further work.


Keith Wedmore Papers


The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
Beverley House
Shipton Road
22nd March, 1963

Keith Wedmore,
Sheerwater Avenue,
West Byfleet,

Dear Keith Wedmore,

Many thanks for your kind letter of the 12th instant. The parcel of copies of the booklet arrived safely and they have been suitably distributed to the J.R.S. Trustees and others.

Some time was spent on this at a Trust meeting held last Saturday and without exception members of the Trust were glad that this work ad been done and had been put into print. I cannot say that there were no reservations, but such as there were were much more to do with procedure than content and none was serious.

There was some discussion as to "what next." A good deal of ground has been covered or, it could be said, uncovered and whilst it was rather questioned whether the same group would wish to take various aspects of the study further or deeper, there was the hope here that somebody might.

Do you happen to know the mind of the group on this and whether there are in fact either plans or hopes of a follow-up or supplementary study. In the event, I think that this Trust would be glad to give a hand were some further modest help needed.

With all good wishes.
Yours sincerely,