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GLF Demonstration in News

‘Gay’ Group Pickets Police HQ in New Orleans.

About a dozen members of the New Orleans Gay Liberation picketed City Hall Saturday to protest alleged harassment of homosexuals by the New Orleans Police Department.

“We will march daily until we get redress and satisfaction,” said Rev. David Solomon, a member of the Gay Liberation Front, a national homosexual organization.

The liberation front members estimated there are 75,000 homosexual men and women in New Orleans and that many are bullied by police.

“The people in the core group are not ashamed to show their faces or use names,” said Lynn Miller, another member of GLF.
Solomon said the group intends to file every suit possible to gain right for homosexuals in New Orleans.
Baton Rouge newspaper prints photo and quotes David Solomon and Lynn Miller in article about demonstration.
Source: The Advocate (Baton Rouge), January 24, 1971
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