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GLF Protests Continue

Gay Front Fails to Meet Mayor.

Members of the Gay Liberation Front in New Orleans Monday attempted to meet with Mayor Moon Landrieu at City Hall, but the mayor had other things to do.

Some 20 members of the group which Saturday had picketed City Hall seeking what they called “liberation” for homosexuals, turned up at City Hall again at noon Monday seeking an audience with Mayor Landrieu.

They carried signs bearing such slogans as, “Live the Life You Love,” “No More Police Prosecution of Gays,” and “We are Homosexuals and Proud.”

In the group were several woman and some of the men wore flashy attire and drank carrot juice., while others wore more conventional clothing.

The march to City Hall was led by the Rev. David Solomon, who identified himself as a Pentecostal clergyman. The Rev. Philip Schmidt, who identified himself as a Bodhi Slaa clergyman and chair of the New Orleans GLF, complained that since the late 1950’s legal restrictions against homosexuals have tightened up in New Orleans, creating what he called a “period of intense suppression.”
Solomon leads another demonstration to City Hall requesting a meeting with the mayor.

Source: The Times-Picayune, January 26, 1971

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