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Solomon Continues Protests after GLF Disbands

Boat Operator Defends Policy.

Responds to Protest at Park Concession.

Edward L. Dellevue, owner and operator of a fishing and boat rental concession at the City Park Casino, Monday defended his policy restricting the use of his boats.

He responded following the appearance there of the Rev. David E. Solomon, pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church of New Orleans.

The Rev. Mr. Solomon protested a sign at the business which reads,” Pedal Boats Not Rented to Two Men or Two Boys or Man and Boy (over 12 years)”

He said “the sign has to go. It’s discrimination. Nobody’s going to tell me who I can take out in my boat which I paid for to rent.”

The clergyman carried several of his own signs as he picketed on Monday.

Dellevue explained why this policy has been strictly enforced since his father started the business in 1929:

“Pedals boats are more delicate than other boats because of the moving parts. You get two men or boys in the boat and if one wants to go forward and the other backward the pedals will break off when pressure is exerted too forcibly.”

He added, “through my 35 years of experience with these boats, if we did not have such a rule, there would be no pedal boats for anyone.

There is too much breakage damage and vandalism on all the boats.

You have to protect your business. We’re trying to prevent vandalism, breakage and repair work, which is a year round operation. Some of these kids get in these boats and punch holes in them with their paddles.”
Solomon protests against public boat policy that bans rentals to two men.
Source: The Times-Picayune, August 8, 1972
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