The Upstairs Lounge Fire


Local Coverage Diminishing

Three Patients Hospitalized in New Burn Unit in N.O.

Three victims of Sunday night’s tragic fire have been hospitalized in the new burn unit at Charity Hospital, a facility which wasn’t scheduled to be opened for several weeks.

Five other persons were discharged after treatment, and the remaining seven persons injured were transferred to other hospitals, mostly at the request of families.

Almost all those still hospitalized suffered serious burns escaping a flash fire in the Up Stairs Lounge and the apartments above it.

Twenty-nine others were trapped in the second-story bar and died.

Dr. Isidore A. Brickman, Charity Director, ordered the new unit opened ahead of time for Luther Boggs, Larry Stratton, and Jim Hambrick, all of whom suffered burns over nearly half their body.

They are listed in serious condition, but show signs of improving.

The Burn Unit is considered to be one of the best-equipped in the nation, and certainly in the deep South.

Because of the premature opening, Charity officials had to scramble to line up personnel to work in the antiseptically clean unit.

A cadre of volunteer medical students, nursing students and registered nurses came forward to be the first to work in the unit.

A Charity spokesman said the burn unit would be just the first step for the first three patients. If they survived they face months of recuperation, the prospect of plastic surgery or skin grafts, and thousands of hours of therapy.

Only four days after the fire, one local newspaper prints a short article about special arrangements for treating some survivors.
Source: The Morning Advocate, June 28, 1973.
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