The Upstairs Lounge Fire


Memorial Services in Other Cities


Approximately four hundred persons attended a special memorial service on July 1 at the Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco to honor the memory of our sister and brothers who were killed by fire in New Orleans. Among those who perished were the pastor and assistant pastor of M.C.C. New Orleans and many members of the congregation who had gathered after their Sunday service for the evening buffet supper at the Up Stairs Lounge.

Joining the local M.C.C. congregation were: Sheriff Richard Hongisto, Assemblyman Willie Brown, Supervisor John Molinaro, Candidate Jack Morrison, and representatives for the Board of Supervisors, assemblymen, and congressmen, along with many leaders from within the homophile community and representatives from nearly all the homophile organizations.


The first of two auctions was held on July 12 at the Waterhole No. 3 to raise funds to help with the expenses of those who have been hospitalized as a result of the New Orleans fire tragedy. Due to the generosity of the owners of the Waterhole, ROSE AND JESS, over a thousand dollars was raised that evening.  Many a notable volunteered their services as auctioneers: J.J. VanDyke, Rose, Empress of Portland, The Fat Fairy, Bob Rosss, Kissy Dicky, Kate and H.L. Perry.


The second auction will be at Big Town on the Sixth of August. For all those who have articles that they would like to donate for this event, the church office can be contacted for particulars.


The existing M.C.C. account at the Irwin Memorial Blood Bank is completely depleted due to the transfer of all credits to the “New Orleans Fire Holocaust Victims.” To all those who are able to donate blood, there is still the need for more blood—both for transfer as needed and to build up the credit of our church here in San Francisco.

Memorial service program in Los Angeles and in New York plus a report on the service in San Francisco along with information about auctions there being organized to raise funds and a blood drive.
Source: MCC historical files at the ONE Archives in Los Angeles; the San Francisco Report, August 1973 MCC San Francisco.
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