Towards a Quaker View of Sex

Letter Wedmore to Fairn, 21 October 1960


Letter (incomplete) from Keith Wedmore to Duncan Fairn, dated 21 October 1960, outlined revisions Wedmore made to the drafts of different sections of the study. Copy of revisions to Homosexuality and the Law section included.


Keith Wedmore Papers



Dear Duncan,

Give Jonathan my congratulations: may he and his wife be as happy as I and mine have been.

I could make some more frivolous addition in view of the enclosed material, but will refrain.

QCB: ACCOUNTS. I enclose a statement so that you can see how and where the QCB Rowntree Trust money is going. I think we have about L40 left.

QCB. Pamphlet. I enclose:

1. The pencil draft you sent; the revised version I have completely retyped and two copies of that are also enclosed. As my revision was extensive but I hope prompt, I thought I should send it all back to you again first.

Introduction (Chapter 1.) I endeavoured throughout to be entirely merciless and considered no feelings; I expect the same to happen to my revisions. I found the introduction a little woolly, especially the earlier part. But I have left untouched those passages I found impeccable (which is most of them.Much of the revision is addition).

2. Your notes for the revision of the QCB article; and now my rewritten setion on buggery together with notes, I hope this will be thought lucid and satisfactory.

3. A Suggested endnote or signature, most of which is my appalling ignorance I cannot fill in, which will tell our readerss something about us and our qualifications.

4. A revised summary (Chapter 11). I doubt whether it is really possible to produce this satisfactorily before we have the rest of the article to summarize; but I am willing to do my best now. I have added to, rather than altered it; I have mainly tried to strengthen it.

5. Chapter 2: heterosexuality, as revised. Here I have very much left Richard's original format alone, but with a few interpolations. I would point out that what was sent me finishes at page 12 with a crossed out bit about adulthood; I assume that a section on adulthood is forthcoming.

As also Chapteres: 3 (hetersexual deviation problems. Presumably not very long). 4: masturbation (ditto) 5. Homosexuality 6. Perversions 7 causation


PART EIGHT: Homosexuality and the Law

I don't think I have a fully amended "Master", so I enclose a re-write of the buggery laws as requested, and I list below the other amendments to your Master (Enclosed) that I was asked to, or said I would look into. I leave it to you to produce the completely revised whole chapter.

Para 1: I have been unable to discover who said "One cannot try the mind of man..." etc. No doubt, this does not matter much.

St. Paul: I think we got the appropriate quotes from Romans 1:27, yes? The AV seems better. Justinian and earthquakes: unchecked. But I clearly recall reading it in something knowledgeable.

Anthony Greenwood is spelt Anthony Greenwood, P7 original duplicated draft:
line 3: after unnecessary add R.V. Hunt (1950 2 ALL E R 291)

House of Commons debate: was June 29th 1960.

The Times reports (June 30th, page 6) Mr. Greenwood as saying: "Although they all knew the difficulties in enforcing uniformity throughout the country Mr. Butler could not have forgotten that he had regular conferences with chief constables, and it would be esay for him to lead them along more progressive lines than some of them were following at present. He should urge on them the possibility of establishing two main criteria before prosecution took place - the safeguarding of young people and the protection of public decency." and the motion was rejected by 213 to 99 Majority against, 114.