Towards a Quaker View of Sex

Preparing for Publication

The group spent two years in collaborative writing, review and revision. Different persons drafted sections which were then reviewed and amended by the whole group in monthly meetings and in correspondence between meetings. They held a weekend meeting in 1962 to move this long and deliberate process toward completion. They also determined the plan for publication and release.

The group embarked upon a large-scale, collaborative writing project.  A Table of Contents was developed.  Different members were asked to draft different sections of the study.  Then these drafts were reviewed and amended at the group's almost-monthly meetings. 

Between their meetings members of the group corresponded and circulated drafts, rewritings and comments on different sections of the report. Here is a sampling of some of this correspondence.

A concerned Friend sent comments on the group's writing anonymously through George Gorman, head of the Friends Home Service Committee. Wedmore engaged in correspondence and dialogue with this anonymous commenter.

The group received renewal of the £100 grant from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust to help cover its expenses. 

The prolonged process of writing the report gained momentum as it approached the 18 February 1963 release date. Wedmore corresponded with one possible publisher. Barnes wrote about an appearance on a BBC television programme. In the final weeks, Alastair Heron and Duncan Fairn scrambled to finalize the copy and distribution plans with George Gorman at the Friends Home Service Committee.

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