Towards a Quaker View of Sex

Letter Rosenberg to Wedmore, 23 February 1961


Lotte Rosenberg sent a letter, dated 23 February 1961, to Wedmore suggesting the addition of material about female homosexuality to the study. She enclosed some suggested ideas (not available).


Keith Wedmore Papers


16, Back Street,
St. Cross,
Winchester, Hants.

Dear Keith:

Joyce James wrote to me, as she cannot come on Sunday. She owuld have liked something written about female homosexuality, as you have not mentioned this problem at all. I have taken the liberty to note down a few thoughts, rather hurriedly, as I had her letter only to-day. I enclose my notes, perhaps you could make some use of them and hash something up about the topic. I am sending a copy of these notes to Joyce, asking her, is possible, to write her comments to me to the Club, I also send them to D.F.